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Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2


My big, big, big favorite is t3_m4_kotorT3, that is why I left him to the end. Bastila Shan was the first Kotor character, whom I introduced, and T3-M4 was planned to be the last (so far under a question mark) yuka_laka_droid_boltarticle. The rest were presented one after the other since 2008, T3 will be the last published article as a worthy ending to the Kotor main section. He's t3_uszodai_droidthe best droid, I've seen in the movies, in comics, or in the game world. Even better than R2-D2. He is similar to R2, but remember, t1_n1T3-M4 was an Old Republic construction, who was working many thousands of years before Luke Skywalker's droid, R2-D2. At that time the T3 series were not reffered as astromech droids, but utility droids. Although this class of droids, of course absolutely t3m4_zarnyitasa is remekcould deal well in space, calculating hyperspace coordinates, or repairing the spacecraft if necessary, they can even navigate or drive the vessels, but they did not or not only used for these purposes. t3m4_computer képességei verhetetlenekNot even for the other typical droid things, such as decoding, door opening, computer or console-working, though they functioned perfectly in these, too. Since the T3 series had two upgrade slots, in which extra plug-in modules can be placed, that can multiply the droid's computer knowledge, slice ability, or even bomb disarming/installing capabilities.

He is great in all of t3_aknaszakertelemthese inherently, but with the expansion modules he practically knows no obstacles. A droid specialized in these directions is no longer an utility droid, but an expert droid, quite rightly. Good to know if you develop these skills with the experience points that you got during the game, they can be rised so high that there will t3_kacagbe no doors, no consoles, not a single bomb that can challenge T3's abilities. In t3_a sith sírkamrákat iskinyitjaother words if T3 is with us, we open anything, we can get in anywhere, we can disarm anything. An interesting feature that T3 has a distinctive beeping like a giggle, this can only be heard when a serious doors, chests, etc. were opened, which should be theoretically difficult for him, yet he does it so simple that in the meantime he calculates Pi up to 30 decimal places or sets up three alternative hyperspace route between A and B, while he opens that thing, and then laughs that it was not a challenge for him at all.

The avarage player, of course, makes benefit from this, putting all of the experience points on the other skills while levelling up his own character, because he thinks that is now totally unnecessary to waste points for those skills in which T3 is expert. If T3 is in the team, he will do everything, so why bother to waste the valuable points for someone else, so the main character is mostly oriented to fight or to use force, or to persuade skill due to the extra dialogue options. But in practice this is not a perfect solution, because towards the end of the game Revan and also the Exile will be left alone, T3 will not be with you, so there will be things that in the end you can not open or can not acquire. Or it will be more expensive, for example, with more computer spike ow with much more computer cards maybe you can also get in a computer system, but remember, while T3 uses mostly 0 spikes to get in, Revan and the Exile may use a dozen for the same action. However towards the end of the game there will be a lot of spikes in your inventory, it is not wise to waste them after all. Or let's say there is a mine on the ground, and the main character can not disarm it at the end of the game without T3, who cares, step on it to explode, the main character takes damage, but well-armored he will survive, then you can heal him, then you can move on. In other words you can solve everything alone, but more difficult, more expensive. Do not even remember that KOTOR 2 provides XP for each successful action, so for disarming bombs, opening doors, crates, hacking computers you can get Experience points, and with those XP you can level up your team, so with each detonated mine without T3 you just not only damage yourself but also loose opportunities for team development. Similarly, you can enter locked doors if you shatter them with your saber, but you won't get XP for that. Not to mention the lockers, because you can open them with lightsabers, but often the stuff inside will be destroyed, so you won't find for example a great armor inside, but a bunch of crashed components, which may be broken down into components on the workbench, which can be used to build some other stuff, but it is not the same thing as if there would be an expert droid with you, who could have done all of these works professionally for you, cheaply, perfectly gaining XP in addition.

And it's still t3_manipulator_arm széles választéknothing! Because the T3 class is not just a mobile tool box. But a full-fledged teammate who fights with us! Because T3 has two slots where you can put weapons! Not rifles, of course, not even a lightsaber, but 1-1 blasters in both slots, which in the case of a Mandalorian t3_baragwin_flamethrowerblaster won't be weak, or if Carth had received a rifle, his pistol can be used by T3 or Mission's, or we can buy even a lot better in a Suvam Tan's shop, which is the best place to shop in the whole K1. By the way, Suvam t3_flameTan. The Rodian sells great stuff for droids, too! Baragwin droid arms (droid weapons) which have unlimited charges and never depletes! You have to know all the droid arms have t3_rodian_stun10 charges, and when it reaches zero, it runs out of ammo, you can not continue to use it, it depleted. Suvam Tan's, however, is like a Hollywood gun, you never run out! But really. In addition, they are insanely strong too! His t3_benitflame thrower arms are so strong that not only the enemy scorched to ashes but the concrete is melted under his feet! The shock arms are so good, that they paralyzes the Sith, which is especially good if we see a Sith protecting Revan's paralyzing Force, while the "small" T3 sith_assasin_droid_plasmaflawlessly paralyzes a Sith for two rounds with his arm that the Sith will not be able to move. This is true also of the ice arms, just they freeze with the same success. But there are excellent ion arms against droid opponents arms or poison arms against humanoids. So T3 is a great help on the battlefield, not only in front of a console. The little droid can be shielded and armored with great droid shields, armor plates, with which he can be well T3 fejlesztést kap Akkerétőlprotected, so not just his attack strenght can be impoved, but his defence too, so T3 can be a perfect warrior. Unfortunately, Force Healing only heals the human teammates, so for example if Exile heals the others in a round, T3 will not be healed, only the humans. So if T3 is damaged, he needs to use a droid repair kit on himself, so in that round he cannot move, can not shoot, which can be a disadvantage. But actually a strong fightmachine Exile, a Force user Visas, and T3 can defeat virtually anyone, anywhere, even in all conditions before that T3 would be totally unserviceable, if he remain alive it is not a problem, after a victorious battle he can repair himself. The little droid in addition has the ability to turn into a quasi-workbench, which means that while wondering even in the jungle of Dxun you can fix up your gear on it. Suppose that we find a great armor implant what we want to build in our armor. Without T3 we have to go back to a base or to the Ebon Hawk or to an other place where you last found a workbench. But when T3 is there, ask him to switch the workbench function, and from that point we can do what we want. We can improve any weapon, we can upgrade any kind of armors, any stuff that is not needed anymore can be broken down into components, or vice versa, we can build anything from found components even on the field when T3 is with us!

His secret (special) ability is that he can t3m4_programspikemake security and computer spikes for free, but in limited numbers. But this could be used for everything, even he can be used for money factory! Due to the program T3 monitors how much spikes we have in the inventory, and after about 10-20 he says there is enough, no longer make any more. But if we sell our reserve, and once again we ask him to make spike for us, he will see that we have not enough spikes, so once again he fills our reserves, that we can sell again! This small buddy therefore is a gold mine, too!

Repairing bao_repair_t3m4him is very worthy also. Of course, it is not easy, serious Repair and Computer Use skills t3m4_revan barátkozikare needed for it. It is worth to repair T3 in both games, because old holographic messages can be found from him, or at other times he (and the one who repairs him!) can achieve significant progress due to the maintanance. That means for example in the Kotor 2 game you can upgrade him in 5-6 steps, and during these he will get Dexterity bonuses, with which he will shoot more precize and he will be better at dodging bullets. His other skills will be also developed, as we get deeper and deeper, down to his core, each level upgrade will be more and more serious. t3 dark jedik ellen is tökéletesHis cleverness, intelligence is also getting higher. Exile, of course, will get XP for all the repairs, but she also improves many of her abilities while working with T3. At the last step the little droid will be so attuned to the Exile, that a so-called moving meditation relationship develops between them, which is a Jedi technique that helps to regain strength after using the Force. So when T3 is in the team, and the Exile used Force(s), the presence of the droid helps her stay focused, it costs less to use a Force, and then it is quickly reloaded. This method would otherwise be familiar with Anakin Skywalker's, who although not consciously, but loved repairing and he insisted, meanwhile he calmed down, he stayed more focused, clearing his head. He did it instinctively, as a child, and then later, as we saw after the tusken killing scene in the workshop when Padme comes in to bring him some food, but he gave signs of these in the Clone Wars series too, even if not consciously. Exile, however, consciously learned this, but this ability works only with T3-M4, she only formed symbiosis with T3, while GOTO and HK unaffected by this method. This is one more reason therefore to have T3 beside us.

It is also known that he was resistant to memory wipes, if another droid tried to erase his memory, T3 could replicate the other droid's numeric matrices, penetrated into its system, and short-circuited that droid defending his own mind. In addition, even computers could not delete his memories, because he has established a protection as a firewall, which resisted the entry. In fact, T3 was able of t3_droidshutdownpenetrate into computer, and to counterattack! When Exile and the others escaped from the Peragus system on the Ebon Hawk, they were forced to escape to Telos IV, where they were detained at Citadel Station. Atris had the impounded Ebon Hawk stolen from Citadel Station and moved to her Jedi academy in the polar region of Telos. T3-M4 was detained with the ship, and was thus also taken by Handmaiden. At Atris' arctic academy, his memory banks were downloaded by Atris's Handmaidens. The link between the academy's computer and T3-M4 worked both ways, however, and the droid was able to download a holorecording of the Exile's trial t3_exile pere a számüzetése előttbefore the Jedi Council and a list of the locations of the remaining Jedi Masters. So we can thank T3 that we found out on which planets are the surviving Jedi can be found. But in Kotor 1 T3 also show us rare holorecordings! The point is that you have to have good relationship with T3, the Influence matters especially in Kotor 2, you have to repair T3 several times, which needs high Repair, and high Computer use, for which a good belt, skill implant or helmet can be a great help for our the main hero to give him/her the appropriate skill level to be able to repair T3.

Kotor 1

T3-M4 was built on Taris by Janice Nall for the local crime lord Davik Kang in 3956 BBY. t3_veteleT3-M4's original purpose was to aid Canderous Ordo who was at that time a man of Davik Kang in breaking into a Sith military base. But later, the disillusioned Canderous acompanied Revan and his party and asked them to take him with them away from Taris which was under blockade. But for this they first had to steal a launch code, which was stored in the Sith base, T3 had to help the breach, and extracting the code from the computer. But this T3 was not that T3! As it turned out, Canderous originally thought of a droid called T3-H8 as a help, but this T3 after the purchase, as he just rolled out from Janice Nall's shop, exploded. At this point Kotor 1 obviously refer to New Hope where Luke and his stepfather Owen Lars buy a red R5 astromech droid, which breaks down after the purchase, his motivator explodes, so Luke and Lars change for R2-D2, and with this they hit the jackpot. This is what happens here, too, Revan gets H4 instead of H8, who will be a faithful companion for him for a lifetime. T3-M4's original price is 2000 credits, which is a lot, a lot of money, because early in the game, with 40 credit card games, with 100 credit loots, and with few hundred credits missions it is difficult to earn that amount of money, but I assure you all, it worth that money. Otherwise, the player will have the opportunity to lower this. Light Siders can bring down the price to 1500 credits, while the dark siders using aggressive, threatening, blackmailing strategy on Janice can even have T3 for free. When the Ebon Hawk, Davik's beloved freighter get in Revan's possession, T3 finally joined the team and took with them during the missions. When jolee_shelterRevan after KotOR 1 leaves to the Unknown Regions, T3 goes with him. T3 was given special instructions from Bastila Shan, Revan's wife, to take care of her beloved, and stay with him as long as possible, but if T3 losts contact with Revan (which occurs after a time when Revan was lured to the Dark Side and there he no longer carried his little friend, as Anakin was ashamed on Mustafar, and let R2 on the landing platform outside when he went into the complex where he killed the CIS leaders) so T3 had to return to the Old Republic known space following Bastila's instructions to find her. Five years after the Jedi Civil War the Ebon Hawk returned to known space with T3. Unable to t3_bastila_holofind Bastila, T3 instead sought the Jedi Exile knowing they shared a common story, and he stayed with the Exile. Thereby T3 inadvertently been included in at two of the largest and most important Jedi, certainly as R2 was Anakin's and Luke's droid, T3 was Revan's and the Exile's droid!

Kotor 2

During the Jedi Civil War, the Jedi were wiped out, almost till the last one. Many have gone into hiding, Exile is forced to flee from Darth Sion fleet, but the Ebon Hawk was shot into crap by the Sith. The t3m4_herowreck boat is drifting helplessly in space, Exile is injured and unconsciously lies in one of the ship's cabins. Virtually no one to help him. The little T3 is also shaky, he also damaged, but early in the game he switched reserve circuit and resumes as Arnie in T3, which in this case is not Teethree, but Terminator 3. The game writes that the ship and Norbi uhmmm the Exile's fate is in the hands of T3, everything depends of him. On the fuming board of the Ebon Hawk T3-M4 met another utility droid, 3C-FD, and two of them have started to repair the ship to be able to get the ship to the nearest location, to Peragus mining station. The droids went out on top of the vessel to recover parts from the wreck to be able to repair at least the most important parts, such as hyperdrive, navicomputer, etc. They succeed, the Ebon Hawk reaches Peragus. When the Exile awakened in the virtually deserted medical bay of the mining facility, T3-M4 helped her to penetrate the Peragus fuel depot. Then T3 is the hero, the player controls him, his story is independent here, but T3's developing parallel with the Exile's. But after a while the control gets back to the Exile because T3 is found and disarmed by a HK-50 assassin droid. Later Kreia, the Exile and Atton Rand came across T3-M4 while trying to escape from Peragus, they repair him, it will be the starting team in the beginning of Kotor 2. Once they fled Peragus system by the Ebon Hawk, they got to Telos IV, where they were locked in the Citadel Station detention area with the charges of destruction Peragus. It was then the Ebon Hawk was stolen by the Handmaiden as it was mentioned above, and when T3 downloaded the data of the hiding Masters.

Later on the moon of Nar Shaddaa, the player can sell T3-M4 for an Aqualish droid trader, but even if you sell him, after the Exile is kidnapped and will be transported to Goto's yacht, the sold sad little T3 despite of everything comes back to save his master! This loyalty is probably due to his memory never had been wiped. t3_repulesi_kod_megszerezOtherwise, this dog allegiance the torso also symbolizes, just check out that he looks like a dog sitting on its rear legs. Kotor makers broke the previous astro traditions with this form, and on the other hand, they have created a design that carries "dogs are man's best friend" phrase but in Starwars it should be like "droids are man's best friend" especially the T3 series with this look. It is also interesting that the idea of chivalry is coming back with this momentum, as in the Nar Shaddaa entertainment district Exile defeated the local large Pazaak Champ, a chadra-fan player in a great fight of Pazaak. The Champ acknowledged his opponent's knowledge, and though he was defeated, and lost the title and the money, but bowed to the Exile knowledge, and honored her, so he also helped T3's action, making the thugs believe that t3_vs_hk50sT3 is his property and sold them the droid, getting him in Vogga the Hutt's warehouse. Goto had been intercepting all of Vogga's shipping by following his transports transponder codes. The freighters were captured by Goto's droid yacht, which was cloaked in orbit. To find and goto_yacht_destroyinfiltrate the yacht, T3-M4 stole the transponder codes for one of Vogga's freighters and fought his way out of the warehouse when three t3_bonus_dex_gotoHK-50 assassin droids tried to stop him. T3 defeated all three, though not an HK-50 can be told as an easy opponent, especially three at once, but the little T3 showed utilitydroid_gotoyachtthem how good he is. The Ebon Hawk's codes were then changed to match the freighter, and Goto's yacht intercepted the ship as planned, allowing a two-person team (for me they were Bao Dur and T3) to get into Goto ship. They freed the Exile and ruined the cloacked yacht's systems, it became visible, Goto's enemies attacked him and destroyed his ship. So, T3 can be apart of this story, too!

There is one drawback of T3, he can not speak. This is similar to R2-D2. There is much debate on what would be better to build a speech module into an astromech, or to build useful gadgets into a protocol droid to make them useful for anything else than speaking. Star Wars makes this willingly to create such droid pairs like C-3PO and R2, or like T3-M4 and HK-47. Many people are not annoyed by C-3PO, but I'm very much. In addition to he is not useful at all, he is annoying and coward. A droid is needless who should be switched off because he always speaks and annoys the pilot as it was seen in the Empire Strikes Back. A droid is needless who suggests to surrender in most cases, or who constantly laments, cries. I am of the opinion, therefore, that the T3 or the R2 series should be upgraded with speech function, and we would get a serious and complex, fully functional droid. It would replace a translator droid, who only translates the beeps, no more. T3-M4's voice changes significantly from the first game to the second. In KotOR, his speech is comprised mainly of whistles and musical notes, where as in KOTOR II, he has been communicating more like R2-D2. Fortunately Exile understands and translates for us, HK-47 time is not your typical C-3PO clone, but he is also a full-featured droid, a worthy partner of T3, and a worthy member of the team in both games. But they are not friends, or as C-3PO would say they are not "counterparts", more like rivals to each other in some cases. T3-M4 and HK-47 did not come out well with each other, as we experienced in some of their dialogues, and even during the Knights of the Old Republic II game HK-47 attacked T3-M4 a few times. T3 one time answeres it t3_vs_hk47for HK-47, he shot once HK with a droid arm, but only paralyzing him, did not causing any harm, just to let HK know that although T3 is smaller, it is not advisable to have fun with him. They relatively were neutral to each other after that, and enter into a covenant with each other to their cause, and faithfully served the Exile, and her small team.

Well, that is T3-M4. If someone asks me which the best droid in Star Wars, I would immediately answered that is T3, he is the best, the Number One. Of course, however, there is no chance to him to be released as an action figure. I'm used to it now, no worries, there will be a Han Solo repack instead, or some other figure that was released a thousand times before, which I do not care. I have a different need. I'd rather do T3 myself, and here I proudly presenthis figure, it was custom made ten years ago, in 2008. When I started my website, on the home page he had been representing the customizing, and there youcan see T3 till this day, it is true, he was prepared with early techniques and skills that I used 10 years ago. Please welcome!


Take a look at my custom T3-M4 figure!


custom T3-M4 figure front

t3m4_custom figura elölről rorworr megtalálása


T3-M4 custom figure from right

t3m4_custom figura jobbról jolee_shadowland_shelter


custom T3-M4 figure back

t3m4_custom figura hátulról protocol_droid_c8_42


T3-M4 custom figure from the left

t3m4_custom figura balrol renegade_sith

Atton, Kreia, and T3, Exile's early companions on Peragus




Bao Dur and his remote, and T3-M4 are working on the Dxun Telemetry. Mandalore is impressed that everything is back online.




Thanks for coming back to CustomStarWars!



written by: Norbert Rostas 2016.03.14. the figure was made years before



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